The seasons within me


I am summer
long legs hit by the sunlight.

I am autumn

I am, however, mostly winter
for all the times I’ve lost my leaves
for all the times I’ve felt cracked inside
like the branches of a tree when the snow is too heavy to hold
for all the closed doors and the things left unsaid
like those houses in the mountains, with a fireplace in the living room
where you need to keep the door closed so the heat stays in
I’m right outside the door
for all the times I’ve felt alone
like a park when it’s 4.30 pm and it’s already dark
for all the tears and the runny noses
that weren’t due to the icy weather outside
for the dry skin and the fragile nails and the split ends on my hair.

But my winters are never forever
not even when it seems like it.
One day I wake up and I find a flower. It grew overnight.

The beginning of spring -