3/8/2016, London (on an overground train to Camden Road)

There’s something about summer

Something beginning with the warmth of the sun on your skin
and ending with the stickiness on the back of your neck
when you’ve worn your hair down all day
and finally tie it up into a ponytail.

There’s something about long walks by yourself
but there’s something even better about night outs with someone special.

There’s something about the confidence that summer gives you
something about your legs beneath a short skirt
about your shoulders showing out of a tank top
about the sandals leaving weird tan lines on your feet.

There’s something exciting in knowing it’s not gonna last forever
it’s only gonna be a couple months
and then it’ll be over

Something that says
take advantage of me while you can
wear those black shorts as long as you can
because they just don’t look as good in the winter
when you wear them with tights underneath.