26 things I’ve learnt in 26 years

1) It’s never too cold for ice cream

2) When travelling alone, always bring a book. No need to tell you how boring it is to wait for the food you ordered at a restaurant when your mobile is dead and you don't have anything to keep yourself occupied

3) The word "forever" shouldn't exist in anyone's vocabulary

4) Distance doesn't ruin friendships. Sometimes the bestest of friends are those who live miles away from you

5) As soon as you stop speaking a language, you immediately forget it

6) Never say never (I once said I'd never like chocolate ice cream and now I do)

7) First kisses are always weird

8) You will always wonder whether the path you chose is the right one. Always.

9) As soon as you step out of Italy, good ice cream becomes really really (and I mean really) hard to find

10) You cannot change your family and there will always be things you don't understand about them

11) Don’t drink and drive

12) The people you meet when you travel are the ones who give you the most and you will usually never forget them

13) When somebody gives you an appointment on the phone, write it down immediately ‘cause no matter how good your memory is (or how good you think it is), you will forget it

14) Sometimes we tell ourselves things we would never say to others

15) Nothing beats a good night spent looking at the stars

16) Letting go of the people you believed to be your friends is one of the most hurtful things you'll ever do, but also one of the most liberating

17) Humans are not made to love only one person

18) No matter how horrible a period of your life might seem, it will get better

19) If you have a problem with someone or there’s been a misunderstanding, fixing it is as easy as talking about it with an open heart. There’s nothing an honest and real conversation can’t fix

20) We all have so little time to say the things we mean

21) Every time you read it, “The Little Prince” will teach you something new

22) When love becomes a cage, the best thing to do is escape it

23) After a run, you will always feel better than you did before

24) No matter how good you think you are at growing your cactuses, your grandma will always be better

25) Tofu tastes absolutely horrible the first time you try it, a bit better the second time, quite good the third time and actually enjoyable the fourth. And then you’ll like it forever.

26) Lastly, a cheesy one. Life is a gift. Don't take it for granted.